Car Rental Agreement / Terms and Conditions 



1.1 THE OWNER: Vynn Life LLC

2875 S. Orange Ave STE 500 #6138

Orlando, FL 32806

2. THE RENTER: The Customer completing the rental reservation.


3.1 The Owner states that to the best of his knowledge and belief that the vehicle is in sound and safe condition and free of any known defects or faults which would affect its safe operation under normal use. If the renter see’s any issues with the vehicle on the initial inspection, and think it (can be/may become unsafe to drive) Renter should not take vehicle. If the Renter chooses to take vehicle, the Renter is assuming any liabilities after leaving the pick up location and Vynn Life LLC will not be responsible for any incident/accidents that occur while Renter is in possession of the vehicle. 


  • 4.1 The Renter states that he / she is physically and legally qualified to operate the rental vehicle. 
  • 4.2 Has an active drivers license.
  • 4.3 Over the age of 21.
  • 4.4 (If providing own insurance) has full coverage auto insurance.
  • 4.5 Credit Card on file
  • 4.6 $150 Deposit


  • 5.1 Starting Date & End date will  be honored as stated on reservation via our booking website.


  • 6.1 The Renter hereby agrees to pay the owner as agreed on reservation via our per day.
  • 6.2 All fuel used shall be paid for by the Renter. 


  • 7.1 The rented vehicle shall not be used to carry passengers or property for hire.
  • 7.2 The rented vehicle shall not be used to carry passengers other than in the interior or cab of the vehicle.
  • 7.3 The rented vehicle shall not be used to push, propel or tow another vehicle, trailer or any other thing without the written permission of the Owner.
  • 7.4 The rented vehicle shall not be used for any race or in any competition.
  • 7.5 The rented vehicle shall not be used for any illegal purpose.
  • 7.6 The Renter shall not operate the vehicle in a negligent manner.
  • 7.7 The rented vehicle shall not be operated by any other person other than the Renter stipulated in 1.2 above without the written permission of Vynn Life LLC. If Renter allows any other driver under the age of 25 years old to drive the rented vehicle, the Renter will be fully responsible for all expenses relating to the rental car and any other Vehicle involve in any type of accident.


  • 8.1 The Renter hereby agrees that he / she shall be held fully responsible for the first $750.00 deductible in case of accident. The Renter also agrees that only the vehicle is covered under insurance and the driver or passengers are not covered. The Renter also agrees that personal belongings and other items left in the vehicle at any time are not covered. The Renter is responsible for providing full coverage insurance of the rental vehicle through their personal insurance. If Renter does not have personal insurance and would like to proceed with rental process, you will allow Vynn Life LLC to provide coverage in your name on your behalf.  


  • 9.1 The Renter further agrees to make a deposit of $150.00 with Vynn Life LLC, said deposit to be used, in the event of loss of or damage to the vehicle or equipment during the term of this Car Rental Agreement, to defray fully or partially the cost of necessary repairs or replacement.
  • 9.2 In the absence of damage or loss, said deposit shall be credited toward payment of the Rental Rate and any excess shall be returned to the Renter.


  • 10.1 The Renter hereby agrees to return the above-described vehicle to the pick up location no later than agreed time via website booking.


  • 11.1 Fuel – if fuel isn’t replaced, the cost of the fuel expense will be added toward your rental payment in addition to a $10 convince fee. 
  • 11.2 Lost Key – $250 incidental fee.
  • 11.3 Smoking fee – $250
  • 11.4 Improper return – $100 incidental fee (vehicle left at different address then planned/vehicle left abandoned. If vehicle is impounded you’ll be charged for impound fees & transportation to retrieve vehicle in addition to the incidental fee.)
  • 11.5 If you receive any tickets or tolls during your trip please pay immediately. If we receive a ticket in the mail that occurred during your trip or incur toll fees, you will be charged an additional $20 processing fee on top of the ticket/toll cost.
  • 11.6 There is a $50 late fee for every 30mins you are late from drop off time set. If vehicle isn’t returned in 24hrs after drop off time is passed. There is a $500 fee and the vehicle will be reported stolen.


  • 12.1 The parties consent that this is a legal binding document in the State of the FL.