Hyundai Elantra 2019


Hyundai has elevated the Elantra from rental-fleet staple to rising star in its class. Its attractive looks and plentiful options make it an affable, high-value choice. Its refined and fuel-efficient four-cylinder engines pair with either a manual or automatic transmission. An Eco model boasts more low-end power and a quick-shifting seven-speed automatic. Apart from the base model, every Elantra has a fantastic infotainment system.Despite its If you look only at official EPA fuel-economy ratings, the Elantra’s numbers are competitive overall but fall short of being best in class. However, we gave the Hyundai top marks when it comes to fuel economy because both engine choices we tested outperformed the government’s ratings in our real-world testing. The Limited model achieved 42 mpg at a steady 75 mph, surpassing its EPA rating by a whole 5 mpg, while the Eco version achieved an impressive 43 mpg, beating its EPA number by 3 mpg.

Fuel – As a convenience to you, if fuel isn’t replaced, the cost of the fuel expense will be added toward your rental payment in addition to a $10 convince fee.

If you receive any tickets or tolls during your trip please pay immediately. If we received a ticket in the mail that occurred during your trip you will be charged an additional $50 processing fee on top of the ticket cost.



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